Remote Login System

Welcome To The Future Of Remote Desktop Technology
The Best Alternative To Citrix, Propalms, Thinstuff, GoGlobal & WTS
Run Windows Applications In Browser

* Available for Win 7, Win 10 and Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 & SBS OS'es
* Low cost, high value, excellent performance and easy to use solution
* No Terminal Service CAL required, neither Terminal Service license manager
* Advanced Application Control on per users and/or per groups
* Fast one way files transfer between the User PC and the Server
* Secured and safe user connections, no need of VPN & MPLS
* Extended remote printing capabilities thru the AppAnywhere Universal Printer
* Hide Server drives and folders
* Load balancing and Failover up to ten servers within one farm
* Seamless Application Publishing and Remote App (Full Desktop)
* Internet Web Access using IE, Chrome, Mozilla or any browser ..
* Supports upto 32 bits colors, dual screen, bidirectional sound, USB redirection